It’s time to get back on the river

Want to take a trip on the Spokane River with the Spokane River Forum? Read on:

Don’t miss your 2010 opportunities to raft or paddle all or part of the Spokane River. Due to low snow pack, we’re off to a quick start.

Saturday, May 22nd features a raft trip from Corbin Park, ID to Harvard Road in Spokane Valley. This reach has Class II (moderate) whitewater to add just a little splash to a pleasant spring time eco-tour on the river.

Sunday, May 23rd features Class III rapids through Riverside State Parks famous Bowl & Pitcher and Devil’s Toenail. You begin at water street, just below downtown and progress through areas that were encampments and meeting places for area tribes for hundreds of years. Along the way, we’ll also pull out for a behind the scenes tour of SpokaneCity’s Water Reclamation Facility.

These are professionally guided floats for those looking for an outdoor experience that’s close to home. From wildlife to geology, our Eco-tours continue to feature historic and natural resource experts pointing out the ever changing wonders of the Spokane River. You can hear about the latest in river restoration and protection and/or go “behind the scenes” to see water supply and quality activities in action.

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