It’s Summer – Here’s to getting out more.

My work life has been more sedentary than I prefer for more years now than I care to contemplate. I’ve gone through phases of getting out a decent amount and being good about daily exercise and time outside, but overall my track record of staying committed to a healthy schedule that breaks up the monotony of days spent tapping away behind a glowing screen hasn’t been that great. More often than not, I’ve found myself stuck in a rut, making excuses for not even pulling away for a walk around the neighborhood.

When my wife Shallan and I decided to pull the trigger and buy Out There Monthly from Jon Snyder a few months back, we knew we were in for some long days and nights during the transition as we learned the ropes of running a magazine while also working our other jobs at the same time. I figured letting critical time outside doing the things in life that make me feel the most alive slide was inevitable and an okay compromise while taking on such a new, exciting challenge. And maybe for a few weeks it was. That is until Shallan put her foot down (thank you!) and began to insist that I blow off the dishes or postpone a stressful deadline to make time for that ride at Mt Spokane, run on the Bluff, or lazy float down the river.

It can be challenging sometimes to force yourself to get out there and do the things you love when you have so many other responsibilities and obligations in front of you. But I’ve re-learned a lesson over the past couple months that I can’t believe I ever forgot: that those things in life that can start to seem like luxuries–the evening hikes, the day-long floats, the epic rides, the climbs to the top of everyday mountains—are some of the most crucial ingredients of a healthy, happy, sustainable life. Here’s to getting out there more this month!

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