Is Your Business SMART?

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Did you know the City of Spokane has a great program to recognize sustainable business practices? It’s called the SMART program (Sustainable Management of Assets Resources and Technology). Businesses can be recognized in the following areas: Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention, Renewable Energy, Waste Reduction, Water Conservation, Green Building, and Transportation.

One of our OTM advertisers, Clean Air Lawn Care, was recently recognized. Here’s their press release:

Clean Air Lawn Care Recognized by City of Spokane’s SMART Business Program
Spokane, WA – Clean Air Lawn Care of Spokane has been awarded recognition by the City of Spokane’s SMART Business program at the participant level in Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Waste Reduction and Transportation. Clean Air Lawn Care was also recognized as an innovator for outstanding achievement in the categories of Renewable Energy, Green Building and Pollution Prevention.

Clean Air Lawn Care actively works with residential and commercial properties to reduce consumption of our resources and prevent excessive pollution all while remaining competitively priced.

With most businesses, growth = increased environmental impact. Clean Air Lawn Care is an exception. In 2009, operating as a start-up in mid season, Clean Air Lawn Care of Spokane reduced1194 pounds of air pollution, equaling over 34,825 vehicle miles. The business uses clean electric equipment powered by renewable energy. The vehicles hauling this equipment have mounted solar panels which charge the electric equipment during the workday. The equipment is clean and quiet; the fertilizer is organic; the business is carbon neutral.

Electric lawn mowers emit 3,330 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, and one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers. When the electric equipment is powered by renewable energy (wind and solar), the emissions are reduced to zero.

On a national level, Clean Air Lawn Care is the pioneer of sustainable lawn care and the more it grows, the more there is a national reduction in air pollution. Through the use of electric lawn equipment powered by renewable energy, Clean Air Lawn Care removed 75,283 pounds of air pollution across the nation, equaling over 2 million vehicle miles in 2009. In addition, all of Clean Air Lawn Care’s greenhouse gas emissions are offset by wind power and carbon offsets purchased from to ensure the entire operation is carbon neutral.
Why Sustainable Lawn Care…

• 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution comes from gas powered lawn equipment.
• In one hour, one gas lawn mower can pollute as much as an SUV driven 23,600 miles.
• Electric lawn mowers cut noise emissions by 50%-75%.
About Clean Air Lawn Care, Inc.

the Company is the nation’s leading environmentally friendly lawn care service. It uses electric mowing equipment powered by wind energy overnight and solar energy on the go with its truck mounted solar system. It also offers organic treatment – fertilization and weed control. A typical client has an annual contract where Clean Air mows weekly and treats every 6 weeks to deliver a beautifully manicured, lush lawn with the highest regard for personal health and the environment.
For further information, please contact Tavis Schmidt at 509-315-8524

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