Inland NW Runner Profile: Robin Manees

By Robin Manees

I am a runner, and I have Lupus. My miles are a little harder to come by because of my illness. I need to let my body guide me, or I run the risk of making myself ill.

It comes naturally for me to push through pain. It’s hard for me to back off, run less, and rest when my body needs me to. Movement helps me.

It’s a difficult balance: should I be resting or should I be moving? I have to constantly be aware of my limits.

Lupus compels me to do a lot of things I should do as a runner, like lots of stretching, keeping my nutrition in line, and paying close attention to hydration.

Robin Manees running across a marathon finish line with both arms raised high, fingers with 2-finger peace signs, in triumph
Inland NW runner Robin Manees, triumphant across the Chicago Marathon finish line. // Photo courtesy Robin Manees.

I just finished my third marathon in October and am participating in two more this coming year. I never thought in a million years that I’d be training to repeatedly run 26.2 miles!

I don’t know what my pain level or energy level will be on race day, but I will always do my best to show up anyway. I will run until it’s too hard, and I will walk until it’s too easy. Unless I pass out or die, I’m going to finish.

In 2022, Robin is signed up to run The Split Half Marathon on April 10th and the Windermere Marathon on May 15th. This Inland NW Runner Profile is sponsored by Negative Split.

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