Inland NW Local Holiday Gift Guide: Biking

This holiday season, OTM makes your shopping easy with our Local Holiday Gift Guide. There’s no need to search far and wide for gifts for your fellow outdoorsy folk and other loved ones who appreciate unique, locally-procured gifts. There are so many good reasons to shop locally for the holidays. We’ve compiled a wide range of unique and useful gifts that just might cover every name on your list. Thank you for shopping locally and for supporting the Out There Monthly advertisers who make each issue possible! (EG)

Electric Assist Mountain Bike

If you want to put epic under the Christmas tree this year, park one of these next to the old holiday fir. Trek’s new full suspension, electric-assist mountain bike the Powerfly 8 FS lets you go farther and makes mountain biking more fun according to staff at North Division Bicycle Shop where you can pick one up for $5,000. “One of the guys at the shop rode three laps on Beacon, then up the South Hill for a ride back down the Bluff trails to town and back for one more Beacon lap with juice still left in the battery.” (DK)

Co2 Tire Repair Kit

Safety is a must when it comes to long bike trips. Serfas’ CK-4 Co2 Combo Kit comes with everything you need to patch and fill a punctured tube: C02 canisters, an inflator head, tire levers, patches, and mini tools. The kit comes in a convenient, small saddle bag. An inner tube of your choice completes the package. Available at Wheel Sport locations for $49.99.  (EG)

Serfas Bike Lights

Another must have when it comes to bike safety is lights. It’s that time of year when you need to be seen by vehicles, especially when commuting. Serfas’ lights, ranging anywhere from $29.99 for 200 lumen, and $139.99 for 1500 lumen, illuminate both yourself and the path ahead of you. Most lights will mount to a helmet or handlebar. The lights come with a rechargeable battery. Available at Wheel Sport.  (EG)

Specialized Headlight & Taillight

Winter riding and commuting means daylight biking is hard to come by. 2 Wheeler Dealer’s got you covered with the Specialized Stix Sport Headlight and Taillight. The 70-lumen headlight and 14-lumen taillight both feature six modes from steady to flashing. Wide beams allow you to handle any situation and let you be seen from all around. They also have USB charging capacity.  (EG)

Bike Fenders

For winter and shoulder season riders, a fender that keeps rain, slush and mud from turning an otherwise pleasant ride into a two-wheeled Tough Mudder is essential. This Bike Life carries Planet Bike fenders in the $45 range along with Origami-style foldable/packable Portland Design Works fat bike fenders that apparently sell like hot cakes. (DK)

Vuvuzelas and Cowbells

Sometimes, you just have to get a little rowdy. If your voice isn’t enough for cheering your friends on at their bike races, or if you know someone who loves to cheer at yours, pick up a cowbell ($5), or vuvuzela ($10) at Coolwater Bikes to make sure you’re the loudest in the bunch. (EG)

Daylight Visible Flashing Light


The Bontrager Flare R Tail Light makes every ride safer with the first tail light designed for daylight visibility. The powerful LED can be seen from over 2 kilometers day or night. 65 lumens and 270 degrees of visibility make sure you’ll be seen when riding in road traffic. North Division Bicycle Shop has them for $50. (DK)

Tune-up Gift Card

Give the gift that every bike lover will need and use—bike maintenance. A tune-up gift card ($70) from The Bike Hub will definitely be appreciated. And it works for every type of biker. (EG)

Cold Weather Riding Mitts


Bar mitts (found at Greasy Fingers Bikes & Repair), do it all. They keep your fingers toasty in the cold, can be taken on and off your bike, and still allow for the necessary dexterity to operate the gears and handlebars. (EG)

New Wheels

Custom wheels for any bicycle, especially those that get put to the test on trails or pavement by serious riders and frequent commuters, make a world of difference in how a bike rolls, corners and handles. New custom wheels from Spokane’s Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding will put a huge smile on the face of any regular rider on your list. (Call Matt to discuss options at 775-997-5634). (DK) //

Contributing Writers: Amy Silbernagel McCaffree, Derrick Knowles, Elena Gardner and Jon Jonckers

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