In Praise of Paul Turner

Spokesman Review columnist Paul Turner agreed to ride his bike to work this work for Bike to Work Week Spokane and has been writing some cool stuff about. His best entry came today. It’s a great answer to the question “Why Ride?” I’m pasting a portion of it here since the Review (which I subscribe to) doesn’t allow you to link and I’m betting the SR won’t sue it’s own subscribers:

The things I enjoy about riding a bike aren’t kid stuff.

I like that it’s useful exercise.

I like how I’m the source of power for that elegantly simple machine.

I like that while wishing I was in better shape I’m actually doing something about it.

I like how the bike reminds me I can still try new things.

I like that I go faster than my walking pace but still travel at a speed that allows me to be aware of my surroundings.

I like how my anthropomorphic affection for my borrowed bike has been rewarded with dependable service.

I like that my steering and shifting improve each day.

I like how the air feels and seeing lights come on as I quietly roll into downtown at dawn and reconnect with my city.

Nicely done Paul.

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