Helinox Chair One

Is it possible to have too many light-weight, packable camp chairs? Maybe. But we have found endless uses for them. The latest we’ve tried and loved is the Helinox from Big Agnes. It lives in our car much of the time, where it comes in handy for everything from picnic lunches to post-hike hangouts. It also makes appearances in our kitchen as an auxiliary meal-time seat. At 1.9 pounds, packing down to the size of a wine bottle, it’s light enough to invite along on short backpacking trips (I walked 13 miles into Hells Canyon with mine to a sweet camp along the Snake River that was a lot sweeter with a comfortable chair to sit in). The Helinox comes in a variety of colors and is strong enough to hold 300 plus pounds. MSRP: $99.95 – $119.95

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