GSI Outdoors Enamelware

Nothing beats starting the day at your favorite camp spot with the sound of an old-school percolating coffee pot bubbling away while sitting in your camp chair enjoying morning bird song with the smell of steamy java wafting through the crisp mountain air. Spokane Valley-based GSI Outdoors can get you outfitted with a camp kitchen set-up of enameled steel crockery that will stand up to repeated camping use and abuse for years to come that includes these new enamelware items: The 8-cup Percolator Coffee Maker with the percolator insert where all the magic happens (MSRP: $34.95) allows you to customize the strength of your morning joe by adding more or less coffee grounds and limiting or extending brewing time to achieve that perfect cup of camp coffee. To go with it, pick up enough of the matching white enameled steel 12 ounce Cups (MSRP: $5.50), 10” Plates (MSRP: $6.95), and 6” Mixing Bowls (MSRP: $5.95) for your whole camp crew. GSI offers a huge selection of classic-looking, heavy-duty, scratch and chip resistant enamelware to get your entire camp kitchen set up in style. //

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