Getting Ready for Spring Bike Rides

Two things can derail an early season bike ride: an unkempt bike and the wrong clothes. If you can, have your local bike shop tune your bike, preparing the tires, brakes, shifting, drivetrain, and the remaining essentials for safety and optimal performance. Expect to pay $60 to $80. Some offer safety checks for about $40. Clothing is a greater challenge. With often unpredictable weather, cyclists need to be prepared to start in the sun and warm then finish in the rain and cold. The general rule is that when the temp is over 60 degress, shorts are fine, but do what’s comfortable. Many prefer a long-sleeved jersey, adding a vest or windbreaker or rain jacket depending upon the weather forecast. Shoe or toe covers, along with lighter, full-fingered gloves, keep the extremities warmer. Meld fashion and function with a cycling jersey, using the rear pockets to carry food or clothing. //


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