Get Ready for Hiking Season with Free Workshops

Cover photo courtesy Ammi Midstokke

Family hiking through mountains.
Photo Courtesy Ammi Midstokke

Hiking and backpacking season is best started by preparing your body slowly for carrying a pack down long, winding trails and up and over mountains. Physical therapist Trey Nichols with NW Mobile PT has experience guiding inner-city youth on backpacking trips in the Cascades and treating and training backpackers, mountaineers, and hikers to address pain and weakness, and he’s bringing that background knowledge to free Trail READY workshops May 29 and June 5 from 7-8 p.m. The workshops will cover how you can prepare for the hiking season, including strength building exercises and trail-tested tips. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and proper movement to set them up for a successful hiking season. More info at

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