Gear Review: Leki Peak Vario S Ski Poles

These light and strong aluminum and carbon adjustable ski poles excel both inbounds and in the backcountry, but the innovative twist of the ski pole/ski glove interface is what really sets this set-up apart. Add a pair of Leki Xplore XT S ski gloves with the Trigger Loop system that secures effortlessly to several Leki ski pole grips, and your ski poles and gloves become one connected slope shredding unit. It wasn’t until I skied with this Leki pole/glove setup for several days this season that the magic of clipping glove to pole truly revealed itself. I wasn’t aware just how much I squeeze my pole grips to death until I barely needed to grasp them. By the end of that first day, the stinging pain in my fingers and hands that has come to haunt me after a long day trying to choke my ski poles to death was nowhere to be found. Pole planting seemed lighter, faster, and more dynamic. And when it’s time to disconnect poles from gloves at the end of a run, a simple thumb press at the top of the grip quickly releases glove from pole. MSRP: $149.95. //

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