Gear Review: Bridgedale Waterproof Stormsock

Comfortable, breathable waterproof socks? Say what? I liked the idea and could immediately envision multiple outdoor recreation applications. But other than a pair of bulky, blister-tempting Gore-Tex socks I once owned, I had never heard of waterproof socks, especially nothing like the Bridgedale Stormsock. Aren’t waterproof boots enough to keep the feet warm and dry trudging around Inland Northwest winter trails and roads you may be asking? Maybe. But what about winter or early spring runs or mountain bike rides in less-than-waterproof footwear or as a backup to questionably waterproof boots or shoes? That’s the niche that Bridgedale’s waterproof Stormsock fills exceptionally well. I took my pair straight from the mailbox for their inaugural outing on a neighborhood run in 2” of slush wearing my not-so-waterproof trail running shoes. To my delight, I returned with the warmest and driest feet of any wet winter run ever.

With a soft, light wetsuit material feel, this breathable sock is made from some of the best technical materials: Nylon and Elastane in the outer layer; 60% Merino plus polyester, Nylon, and Elastane inner (the soft layer touching your foot); and a polyurethane waterproof/breathable membrane. This fusion of materials means the Bridgedale Stormsock lives up to its name. MSRP: $40-$60 (depending on sock height). Order up a pair or two at //

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