Gear Review: Black Diamond Trail Blitz 12 Pack

The Black Diamond Trail Blitz 12 caters to long-distance hikers and runners who put in miles on a bus or plane before launching from the trailhead on a fast and light mission. In addition to being light and stripped of excess pockets and frills, the pack mashes down to a small size and flexible shape. The slim, low-profile side sleeves are perfect for stashing collapsible poles, and a zipper-secured internal pocket holds credit cards, knife, keys, and other essentials. The primary downfall of this pack is its lack of hydration sleeve, but a mini carabineer can be clipped to a small gear loop to keep the bladder from slouching, and the hose can be tucked behind the sternum strap. The shoulder and sternum straps are comfortable and kept the pack in place and jostle free on a 20-mile fast hike/run. MSRP: $39.95.

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