Gear Review: AR Base Shield Protective Snow Bib for Dogs

Developed by Spokane-based Ascent Recreation, the AR Base Shield provides underbelly protection for your snow and brush loving hound. Some dogs are more energetic and enthusiastic about thrashing through the wilds than others, and injury of some of the most sensitive pooch parts on a canine undercarriage are inevitable. Without the right protection, crusty snow, ice, thorns, burrs, sharp sticks and brush can all jab, slash, and scratch your precious pup. The AR Base Shield provides critical underbelly protection with a soft, wicking inner lining; built-in harness and leash attachment; snow releasing flap to prevent ice build-up; and optional top coat for added warmth and protection. The single-buckle system is easy to put on and take off, and the outer shell is durable and water repellent. MSRP: $65.99 and up. //

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