Gear Review: 318 SH50 Smart Bike Helmet

No, those aren’t voices in your head talking to you; it’s the latest in smart bike helmet technology. Transitioning my trusty 8-year-old, bare-bones Bell noggin protector to a bright yellow, modern helmet with slide-down earbuds (that will tell you when you’re powering up and turning off the smart helmet functions), rear alerting lights, and an accompanying Bluetooth remote and smart app was a bit of a technological shock, but the built-in lights are definitely an upgrade worth having on their own. The integrated headphones, that slide up and out of the way if you choose not to use them, provide a nice distraction when some low-volume music or a podcast can take the edge off a workout ride. The helmet fits and vents like a champ, although I wish it came with a sun visor to pick up the slack of the free credit union sunglasses I’ve been riding in lately. Assuming you’re not a luddite and you bought your helmet back when you still had a flip phone, consider upgrading to a 318 SH50 smart bike helmet. MSRP: $229.99. //

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