Friends of Scotchman Peaks Winter Hike Series begins on Sunday, Jan. 6

Eighth Annual FSPW hike series offers education and winter walks for all fitness levels

Winter hikers enjoy the sun and a huge view from Scotchman Peak.

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness announced their 8th annual winter hike series, an even dozen chances to get out into the beautiful landscape of the proposed wilderness on the Montana/Idaho border east of Sandpoint. From easy travels on snow-covered roads to gnarly ascents of some of the Scotchmans’ iconic peaks, the FSPW hike series has something for almost all levels of winter travelers. The first hike of the season, in fact, is an easy to moderate walk along Lightning Creek to Regal Creek this Sunday, January 6. FSPW executive director Phil Hough will lead this foray. Sign up by writing to him at
Included in the winter series are hikes that are the field components of classes on tracking and winter ecology. The classes are led by wildlife biologist and researcher Brian Baxter, who has 36 years of experience in many different aspects of outdoor research and teaching. Baxter, who also leads classes for the Glacier institute, will teach about tracking on January 12 and lead a winter ecology class on February 23. Classroom components are held at the Heron Community Center in Heron, Montana, 40 miles east of Sandpoint.
A moderate level hike to a stunningly beautiful place is the snowshoe hike to Ross Creek Cedars slated for February 8. If you want a strenuous outing with great views and a summit as your reward, try the Star Peak snowshoe/ski on March 30.
“We try to put hikes out there that a whole variety of people can enjoy,” says FSPW program coordinator Sandy Compton. “Winter is an incredibly different time to be in the woods and on the mountains. Things quiet down and that white blanket on the world completely changes the view and the experience.”


To learn more about the FSPW hike series, write to or visit the hiking page at

The Ross Creek Cedars are a favorite and beautiful destination for an FSPW hike

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