Final Rankings for Expedition Idaho

Just received this press release from Dave Adlard at the Expedition Idaho Adventure Race:

Sorry for any confusion! We want to clarify that our final ranking for awards and the rankings for Checkpoint Tracker and USARA use different sets of criteria.

For the CPT and USARA tracking, which goes by a set format for ranking, the final rankings for points would be as follows: (this is with all 4 person teams ranked ahead of three person, and all CPs being of equal value)

1) Thule
2) Seagate
3) Bones
4) Light in Motion
5) SOG
6) Team Florida Xtreme
8) Gung Ho
9) Topo Adventure Sports
10) Team Idaho
11) Team Gear Junkie Yogaslackers (3 person)
12) Team Gramicci (3 person)
13) Train Chicago Studios (3 person)

Also, we were missing a page of Team Florida Xtreme’s passport, and once we found it, and recalculated the final CPs, Florida Xtreme is ahead of NYARA in both sets of rankings. We apologize for the confusion, and both teams should be immensely proud of their achievements!

Final “Expedition Idaho” rankings are:

1) Thule

2) Seagate

3) Bones

4) Light & Motion

4A) Team Gear Junkie/Yogaslackers

5) Team SOG

6) Team Gramicci

7) Team Florida Xtreme


9) Gung Ho

10) Topo Adventure Sports

11) Train Chicago Studios

12) Team Idaho

Thanks for the support and understanding!


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