Fernie, BC: A Treasure Trove of Outdoor Thrills 

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Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Fernie, British Columbia, beckons travellers and outdoor enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes, fresh mountain air, and an array of activities that make every summer an unforgettable experience. Just a winding 250-mile drive northeast of Spokane, Wash., this gem of a town offers an outdoor playground that promises thrill and serenity in equal measure. For the adventurous traveller, the family of explorers, and the seeker of nature’s quiet beauty; Fernie is your canvas for an extraordinary summer tale. 

Hiking: From Valley to Alpine 

Fernie and surrounding areas provide an extensive tapestry of trails that wind through lush valley floors, ideal for a family-friendly trek amid nature’s splendor. The energetic hiker will enjoy the challenge of climbing the elevations leading to the alpine peaks of Mount Fernie, Mount Proctor, Mount Hosmer, or the iconic Three Sisters. These paths are not just routes to incredible vistas; hiking in Fernie is a summer ritual that brings an opportunity to connect with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 

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Mountain Biking: Trails for Every Rider 

Fernie’s love for the outdoors is reflected in the impressive number of trails that are maintained by passionate local organizations. With hundreds of trails catering to all skill levels, mountain bikers can expect a variety of exhilarating rides. Each trail tells a story etched into the rugged landscape, whether it be a gentle introduction to the sport, or a high-octane descent. Here, every pedal stroke is a fun-filled exploration of nature’s playground. Don’t fancy the effort of having to pedal up? Class1 e-bikes are allowed on Fernie’s trails, and a lift-accessed bike park is available from June 22 to September 2 at Fernie Alpine Resort.  

Dry Fly Fishing and Whitewater Adventures 

Historic coal mining towns (like Fernie), abundant wildlife, and Canadian wilderness are the setting through which the classic freestone Elk River flows, calling to anglers with its clear, cool waters and bounteous stocks of pure strain westslope cutthroat trout, monster bull trout and hybrid cuttbows. The art of dry fly fishing takes center stage here, where patience is rewarded with the dance of a fly rod and the potential catch of a lifetime. Local fly-fishing outfitters provide guided trips, intel and all the gear one may need.  

Water enthusiasts are also spoilt for choice with white-water rafting experiences churning through rapids, the serenity of SUP and kayaking excursions on gentler currents, and the nearby lakes that invite exploration and idle paddles under the summer sky. For added fun, opt for a float on a giant SUPSquatch, an oversized inflatable paddleboard for groups up to eight people. 

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Golf With a View 

Swing amidst the backdrop of the towering mountains at the Fernie Golf Club—an 18-hole championship golf course. With fairways as inviting as they are challenging, golf in Fernie offers an opportunity to play the sport you love in a truly spectacular setting. Feel the mountain breeze, take in the views, and enjoy the game. 

Exploring Historic Downtown and Beyond 

Fernie’s historic downtown invites a wander along its streets, where every corner whispers tales of the past. Architecture admirers and casual explorers alike will rejoice in the century-old facades and charming storefronts. Join a guided tour or download the free Iconic Fernie mobile app to explore beyond with self-guided tours that unravel the town’s storied history and contemporary culture. 

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A Vibrant Community 

Those hungry for culture and connection will see their appetite satisfied. Fernie’s events scene is bustling with live entertainment for all ages. Staple summer events include popular evening live music at Wednesday Socials; Sunday Mountain Market, featuring fresh local produce and original gifts; Fernie’s biggest indie music celebration, the annual Wapiti Music Festival; various mountain biking, gravel biking and trail running races; gallery exhibitions; art experiences and more.  

Sampling the Taste of Fernie 

The dining scene in Fernie is a testament to the town’s diverse community. From cozy pubs serving up hearty comfort food to upscale restaurants offering international flavors, and everything in between, there is something for everyone in this mountain town. Fernie is also home to an award-winning distillery, cherished local brewery, artisan bean-to-bar chocolate maker and boutique bakeries. But it’s not just about the food—Fernie’s local boutiques, galleries and artisan shops add another layer of charm and character to the town. 

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A Place to Stay for Everyone 

Fernie offers bespoke lodging for the discerning traveler. Choose from boutique hotels, cozy tiny homes, innovative adventure pods, serene RV and camping spots, or spacious lodges and condos.  Each option promises comfort and proximity to the great outdoors. 

Capture the Essence of Fernie 

This guide merely scratches the surface of Fernie’s summer allure. At its core, Fernie is a mosaic of outdoor experiences, each providing a multitude of possibilities for play, relaxation, and the pure joy of discovering the natural world. Adventure lies in the heart of this mountain town and in the spirit of those who yearn for stories written under the open sky. 

Be it for the adrenaline rush or the peaceful retreat, Fernie calls out to all who seek to fuse their summer with adventure. From Spokane and beyond, cast your compass north, where the Canadian Rockies mark the gateway to your next great exploration. Plan your summer getaway at tourismfernie.com.  

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