Fall Means It’s Cyclocross Time

Cyclocross season begins in October. Cyclocross is a sport you can take as seriously as you want, which means a lot of people just have fun. Each race throws a mix of riding surfaces at you, which can include grass, dirt, sand, gravel, pavement, mud and sometimes even creek beds. It’s fun for all ages and all skill levels. You can let your inner 5-year-old out to play in the mud while you’re racing. Before and after you race, you can heckle racers and throw marshmallows at them at the run-up. Or you can be real nice and hand up some much-appreciated bacon to the racers as they go by. Yes, cyclocross is that serious. There are two series of races available to us in our area: the Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series schedule is at Inlandnwcyclocross.com and you can find North Idaho’s Wild West Series CX at Wildwestcxseries.com.

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