Gear Review: ENO SkyLoft Hammock

One of the joys of hammocking for many is the cozy cocoon experience nestled in Nylon and swaying in the breeze. If a hammock’s sides collapsing in on you makes you feel too much like a cramped taco, the ENO SkyLoft is the hammock of your dreams. Lightweight aluminum spreader bars on each end make for a relaxing experience more akin to an open-air tostada. A toggle system on one end also allows quick angle adjustment, raising your head and upper body up or down, depending on how you like your siestas. A stuff sack that doubles as an integrated hammock pillow when filled with clothing is a useful addition to maximize comfort in the backcountry, and two stretch nylon pockets hold snacks and other essentials like a bottle opener. Pacifico anyone? MSRP: $129.95.

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