Editorial: I Hope It’s Spring When You Read This

By Jon Snyder

I take Sprague Avenue commuting home on my bike no matter the weather. Last week I pull up to a red light. I decide it still isn’t spring yet so I need to put on my gloves. Some guy in the car behind me starts yelling at me. What’s he saying? I don’t know. I obey the laws. I operate my bike the right way. Yet I’m no stranger to being yelled at in the street. I’m a bit numb to aggro motorists and proud of it. You can hate on me if you want to but it won’t stop me from riding. I notice the woman in the car next to me is yelling at me too. What gives people? I can’t understand what she’s saying either. I’m going to ignore them.

A word drifts through the chaos; “Keys!”


Yes keys. On the ground behind me is a set of keys. My keys. I must have dropped them reaching for my gloves. I need those keys.

I pick them up, wave and yell “Thanks!” Maybe I’m wrong. Things are warming up.

Last weekend my family and I take a walk through Riverfront Park. We round the corner in front of the red wagon and hear this loud high-pitched cry. Somebody’s kid is hurt and sad.

Turns out it’s my daughter—the daredevil. She’s taken a wicked little tumble on the asphalt. A park employee named Hailey sees this and makes sure she’s okay. She’s skinned her knee pretty good. It’s bleeding, but not much. Would we like her to notify security to get some first aid? Sure. The security team arrives minutes later on bikes, cleans the wound, and administers a band-aid. They are all very nice.

My daughter scrambles away, ready for action again. Wow, says my wife, it’s like we’re in some utopia. I find this hard to argue with.

There’s a lot of talk about civility these days but actions are always better than words. I don’t know their full names but I would like to thank the man in a car, the woman in a car, the park employee named Hailey, and two park security guys on bikes. I may still be waiting for the sun to come out but you’ve all made my spring a little warmer.


P.S. The City of Spokane is creating a Pedestrian Master Plan and they need YOUR help. Find out how you can make Spokane a btter place to walk:

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