Easy Strolling & City Views At Palisades Park

Enjoy a snowy or icy day with a quick walk, run, or snowshoe on the Rimrock Drive section of Palisades Park, perched on the rimrock above the western edge of downtown Spokane.

This area has both a secluded loop of singletrack (avoid when thawing or muddy) and a flat, open path with a great view of downtown and Mount Spokane. The wide gravel path, named Rimrock Drive (closed to motorized vehicles), runs along the edge of Palisades Park, about a mile out and back, and is ideal for hiking with a group or walking trail-sturdy strollers if it isn’t too snowy.

The view of downtown from Palisades Park's Rimrock Drive: urban downtown Spokane in the distance, with forest between rocky outcropping and city center.
The view of downtown from Palisades Park’s Rimrock Drive. // Photo: Lisa Laughlin

With rocky outcroppings that overlook the city, it’s a joy in winter to just take a few breaths and watch the steam rise up from the downtown buildings. Mount Spokane, visible toward the north end of this hike, often has a snowy cap this time of year that makes for a nice landmark view.

Explore the singletrack that loops at the center of this park through native brush, meadows, and pines, but bring navigation if snow or ice may obscure the trail.

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