Don’t Forget the Spokane River

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Paul Green is one of the folks who wrote in to give us an addition to our current “”21 Things” cover story. He’s got a great point:

Your list of 21 things was fun to read. There are a few excellent adventures that should be added to the list, however, I do not want more people in my favorite wild areas. Here is one exccellent adventure to add to the list.

Whitewater rafting through the Bowel and Pitcher – Devils Toe Nails section of the Spokane River. This wonderful river experience will change the way you view the river. There are 5 commercial outfitters or join the Northwest Whitewater Club or take a rafting course at EWU or Go with EWU’s EPIC program. I will take you on the river this spring with my rafting class students to show how wonderful this section of the river can be for a local adventurer.

Dr. Paul Green, professor
Outdoor Recreation
Eastern Washington University

Amen. I’ll have to take you up on that. In the mean time here’s a link to the Northwest Whitewater Association.

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