Doma Coffee for Public Lands

As a nature and wildlands enthusiast, I love any project that works toward securing and protecting the integrity of natural landscapes. I also happen to love coffee. Enter DOMA’s La Bicicletta, a medium roast blend with notes of fruit, chocolate, and spice that was born out of a love for bicycling and a desire to support the local community.

I remember the first time I had a cup of DOMA’s coffee (Boots Bakery circa 2015). Admittedly, I’ve only learned to appreciate black coffee in the last decade or so (previously I’d been a double white chocolate raspberry mocha type of gal), but that first cup of freshly brewed DOMA coffee was a game changer for me.

Recently, DOMA partnered with the Zion Forever Project, the official non-profit partner of Zion National Park. Together with Zion Cycles, a bike rental company located just outside Zion National Park, they are working to expand biking trails and building a new visitor center for their “Feel the Flow” project just east of Zion National Park.

One dollar of each can of La Bicicletta goes directly toward creating over 70 miles of new mountain biking trails. As I sit to write this, I’m preparing to leave for Zion at the end of the month and am eager to explore the park from one of Zion Cycles’ mountain bikes. Even if Zion doesn’t fall on your destination vacations list, it’s pretty cool to know that every delicious sip of local La Bicicletta funds a project that highlights the continued need for open and accessible outdoor recreation opportunities throughout our nation.

Bri Loveall

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