Cyclocross nationals in Spokane?

Highbridge Park Cross race, Spokane WA, 2007. // Photo John Speare.

Dare to dream. This week USA Cycling is scouting two Northwest cities two decide which town will host the 2009 National Championships. It’s down to Spokane, Washington vs. Bend, Oregon–which is funny because Bend isn’t fit to lube our chains. Spokane has better hotels, a better airport, and more bike shops. Plus, the best potential location being forwarded the Spokane Regional Sports Commission is Riverfront Park! Do I need to express how cool that would be? An announcement of the host city is expected in less than 4 weeks. If you see someone who looks like they are from USA Cycling in town this week please tell them you’ll name your first-born “Chainring” if they bring this event to town.

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