Cyclist Killed in Ballard

Vigil Thursday for cyclist Kevin Black. // Photo Mark Harrison Seattle Times

Did you know that you, as a cyclist, you can abide all laws, ride defensively, with proper safety gear and still have a motor vehicle do a sudden turn which can cause a crash which kills you? All of us who ride everyday have be at peace with this possibility. But what if the car causes the crash and you die–and you get blamed for the crash? That’s something I’ll never be at peace with. And it seems to have happened in Ballard yesterday morning. “Police said he was attempting to pass the van on the left when it turned,” says the piece, even though eyewitnesses reported that the fatal vehicle did a sudden u-turn. Ill know we’ve made some progress in the world when cyclist aren’t automatically blamed for every collision in which they die. R.I.P. Kevin Black.

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