Culinary Event Crave! NW Returns July 11

Cover Photo Courtesy Bri Loveall

Crave! NW is back for 2024 and patrons can choose between three themed evenings of culinary brilliance, delicious pours, and exciting music. This 21+ event is held on the west lawn of Centerplace Regional event center in Spokane Valley and runs July 11-13. Crave! is an opportunity for chefs from all over Spokane to engage with the community while showing off their own creative skills. There’s a familiar camaraderie among the chefs that adds to the atmosphere; when they get a chance, you’ll find them sneaking off to try another chef’s plate or passing food back and forth between adjoining stalls. While the chefs banter and work over grills, guests stand in line, holding glasses of chilled wine and icy beer in one hand, while unabashedly licking their oil-coated fingers. It’s a foodie’s dream, with unlimited trips (until the chef runs out, of course) to your favorite food stall while live music plays.

Photo Courtesy Bri Loveall

Eventgoers can expect a tapas-style menu featuring a diverse palate experience with gluten free and vegetarian options. Some of last year’s delectables included French toast bites with crème and freshly-foraged snapdragon flowers, Asian buttered sweet chips, and a spicy corn bread bite. Find more info and tickets for this awesome event at

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