Crushing Rocks: Terrain Is Back With Pants

Aww, Fall. A magical time outside in Spokane—leaves falling, changing colors, temperatures dipping back down. I miss you in the fall, Spokane! What’s more, there are all sorts of wonderful things happening during the month of October.

First up is TERRAIN on Friday, October 2. Remember this from last year, at the bank building downtown, 1011 W. 1st Ave? Conceived, booked and organized by a bunch of notable twenty/thirty-something Spokanites, the goal of Terrain is to engage the community at large with the magic of the local art scene. Last year it was the talk of the town, with performances from Hockey and Portland’s the Mint Chicks, as well as locals like Kevin Long and Dane Ueland.

This year will be headlined by JAMES PANTS, with support from SALLIE FORD & THE SOUND OUTSIDE, NICK, and others, as well as poetry, breakdancing and art (the group took submissions through August and a selection committee chose that which will be featured, and that includes, I’m told, twice as much visual artwork as was there last year!). Terrain promises to be a fantastic celebration of all that Spokane has to offer, and should not be missed. All ages to boot!

Portland’s THE DEAD TREES come to the Blvd on October 4 alongside the Rosewood Thieves. Though unfortunately on a Sunday night, this is definitely worth seeing. Managed by 6th-Stroke Ryan Gentles (Strokes fans, holla!), the band is fresh off an August tour with Fabrizio Moretti’s Little Joy, who spent part of THEIR September supporting Regina Spektor, who JUST announced plans to lend her composing talents to Broadway for a re-imagined version of Sleeping Beauty that’s almost guaranteed to be better than Bono & the Edge’s Spiderman musical!!!! I hope you’re convinced to go by now, I’m really trying here…

THE BLVD is also hosting what sounds like a HOT MESS on Halloween with some locals dressing/performing as famous bands. I can’t even get into specifics because, oh geez (head smack!). Go if you dare, man.

October 11 sees gypsy-punks GOGOL BORDELLO at the Knitting Factory. Part theatre-troupe performance art, part characteristic SideOneDummy punks (home to similarly un-label-able acts like Flogging Molly and the Casualties), part not-my-thing-at-all, all indications are that they should be a heck of a thing to see live on the stage, regardless of what you (or I) may think of them elsewhere.

The highlight of Empyrean’s month is an October 10 visit from Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, with support from the Globes. It’s true they may reek of novelty, but the band has found a great niche (that niche being that of curtain-wearing pop stars—I’m kidding, no I’m not…) and are workin’ it (I think this despite the fact that the mere mention of Mt. St. Helens reminds me of a family trip in my youth which resulted in some serious Ashley + Ashley’s Dad-barfing…). Having covered serious ground via amazing promotion and publicity and some downright fantastic tunes, the band’s ascent continues. If you’ve not yet caught them, now is the time.

ALSO, a word to the wise: grab that reworked Mind Chaos disc from HOCKEY, out October 6 on Capitol Records. A few new tracks (“Wanna Be Black” in recorded form is perfection), a replenished sound (more money!), and the great artwork (Jerm <3) = our dear, sweet friends maaaaakin’ it! It’s true I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure it’s also just totally awesome. Woo!

Finally, an “Eye of the Tiger” dedication to my mom, Connie Graham, who will be running her first half marathon in Columbus this month! Yep, she is awesome. Go MOM!

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