Crushing Rocks: Bobfest And Patio Party

This month is loaded with local music do-gooders. Which is to say, some seriously cool stuff is happening. Fittingly, both items highlighted in the coming paragraphs involve local promoters PATRICK KENDRICK and ISAMU JORDAN (but seriously, doesn’t everything in Spokane music?).

June sees the return of one of Spokane’s most enjoyable musical traditions, that of BOBFEST (Yes, just a battle of the bands, but with charm! Promise!). Jordan and Kendrick are joined by reps from First Night Spokane, RAWK and College Road Recording, along with others, in judging the event which includes 12 local (let’s actually say regional because the net extends to Hayden, Nine Mile Falls, Cheney, etc.) underage bands with adorable names like In Cold Daylight, Green Light Go, Act One Scene One, Executive Smack… Oh man, I only intended to mention a few, but these are crack-ups! Love it!

BOBfest has long-been a great experience for young musicians, and in a musical climate that ALWAYS seems to be constantly changing, the fact that it has lasted this long in Spokane, and continued to thrive and garner much local support, speaks to its incredible value. As Youth Involvement Coordinator Michael LeaderCharge shared via email, “Many BOBfest musicians point to their experience in the event as a stepping stone in their pursuit of a music career… Many of them continue to college in the upcoming year [having] chosen an education in music, such as teaching, media, recording, and promotions.” A local music program that cultivates the arts and encourages high-schoolers to actively involve themselves in their passions? Count us in favor! The 13th BOBfest happens right by the clock tower in Riverfront Park on June 13 from 12 to 6 p.m.

Another community-builder arrives this month with the SOM SHOW PATIO PARTY PRESENTED BY PLATFORM BOOKING. It’s a mouthful, but given its merit, we’re happy to oblige its lengthy title. This new showcase will take place on Thursday evenings on the patio at Caterina Winery, and will, we’re told, also serve “as the premiere night for new webisodes of the Som Show micro-series and its podcast counterpart.” And, yes, I’m quoting that to get the info right because I’m not totally sure all that that does/will mean. Both promoters will also be hosting a series of shows on Sundays at Rocket Market on the South Hill. The way it’s been described to these ears is that Jordan books Rocket, Kendrick books Caterina, and the two pair up to promote the snot out of the shows using various local media outlets (read: wave-of-the-future… websites!). Sounds promising!

As Jordan says, “We all know that Spokane’s music scene is growing exponentially and a lot of groups have expressed interest in working with us, so this is a great opportunity for Patrick and I to continue to use our passion and expertise while helping the scene realize its potential. Plus, we’re just ready to party outside after that long and harsh winter!”
You’re speakin’ our language, Som. Keep up on the lineups at

Finally, I’ve been secretly tracking the ventures of KARLI FAIRBANKS and CHRISY RIDDLE’S music zine, Crunk Roost, for the past couple of months (meaning, I read the website, haven’t seen an issue, yet was still semi-intrigued and rooting for them), and was going to give a nod to their plead for help with advertising/writing/other-magazine-stuff, but word from Som’s website is that the zine is officially kaput. Yet, in an effort to be forward-thinking, rest assured these talented ladies will find plenty of other (pro-Spokane, to boot) things to do with their time! Best of luck to you both.

CD of the Month

Crossing the Rubicon (Original Signal Recordings)
Since their 2003 debut album, the Sounds have maintained an interesting aesthetic; they’ve never really been able to grab the “cool” kids (they’re touring with Fall Out Boy, had a stint on Warped Tour years back, and the first time I saw them they were opening for ROONEY–oh, bless), and, yet, for whatever reason their marketing/image/music itself seems perfect for them. The band, lead by one of the most fabulous frontwomen in recent musical history, Maja Ivarsson, just keeps getting better. Rubicon boasts the signature new wave-y romps that fans (they exist) have come to expect, yet with ever-the-more awareness of the band as a live, thriving unit. Keep an eye out for a softer Maja on “The Only Ones”–a rare glimpse, and quite exceptional, alongside the great first single, “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake.”


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