Crushing Rocks: A Grammy< Sasquatch! & The Hop

HAPPY MARCH! A couple of important things have happened since last we “spoke”…

First off, a hearty congrats to KORY KRUCKENBERG, formerly of Spokane, currently of Seattle, who made his way down to Los Angeles this past month to pick up a GRAMMY for Best Engineered Album, Classical. Woo! Kruckenberg, whom you may remember from December’s column wherein he was spoken quiiiiite highly of by Mon Chéri’s Caroline Francis, has worked with many a Washington band and is a real ace-up-the-sleeve for the Seattle music scene and beyond. A well-deserved pat on the back to ‘im!

ALSO, SASQUATCH! MUSIC FESTIVAL announced its lineup and sold out within the last month. Actually, it sold out within a week of the announcement (after being technically on sale since November). Snap! It’s the fastest selling year for the now-four-day festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre and comes with a lineup stacked both with old friends of the festival (see: Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Wilco, The Decemberists, Iron & Wine), as well as some exciting first-timers like Foo Fighters, Death from Above 1979, Bright Eyes, Robyn and more. YEAH, ROBYN. Yesssss, pop musiccc!

And what ELSE?

The Cretin Hop is open again! Or re-open! Or THE HOP is open! Either way, the allllllll ages music scene in town breathes a heavy sigh of relief!!! Now stationed at 706 N. Monroe, the Hop(!) is back and ready for business! Shows a-plenty are surely on the way and I’d recommend those of you Facebook-inclined folks hit up the venue’s page to see what’s coming up ( — a couple of March shows are on the books at this point!).

My pals at local blog CHECK IT OUT MUSIC, also pals of the precious and unpredictable all ages scene, give good quote on the occasion. As co-creator Andrea Williams shared via email: “We are stoked that TC brought the Hop back to life. Spokane needs a place for kids (both young and old) to go and let loose to killer local and national punk/rock bands. With all of the current venue changes in the area… he is a saint for keeping an all ages venue open, busy, and happening in the Spokane scene.”

I couldn’t agree more! Let’s skip the lecture on supporting places like the Hop and just GO, yeah? YEAH!
A fun bit of RANDOM this month is Good Charlotte at the KNITTING FACTORY on March 23. I would never have really imagined myself recommending such a thing, but I could not deny the easy, breezy, catchiness of that 2007 “Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Want to Be in Love)” track. I maybe would go just to hear that. Then again, my life veers heavily toward crappy pop music as of late… Fair warning (have I said too much??). Tickets are $23.50 in advance.

And about that sold out Sasquatch!… if you didn’t get tickets in time, you’re encouraged to keep an eye on the calendars of places like, SAYYY, the Knitting Factory. Bands pretty frequently are able to make a Spokane stop in the time frame around the fest! And if you ask me, checking something out downtown is far superior to a four day festival anyway. Hehe. First stop? BRIGHT EYES with Jenny and Johnny at the Knitting Factory on May 31. I’d get on that. Tickets are $25.00 and on sale now.//

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