Conservation Futures Preliminary List Released

This just in from Inland Northwest Trails. This priority list is not final–it still needs to go to the County Park Board (where it may b e tweaked) and then to the County Commissioners (where it is less likely to be tweaked). Because of the limited capacity for funding only the first few properties are likely to get funding anytime soon. Note: Beacon Hill properties were scored low and only two made the list. From INWT:

The Park Advisory Committee (PAC) is sending to the County Commissioners the list of 36 properties nominated for this round of funding, probably the first 5 will be in the ‘sooner rather than later’ category for the County to begin working on acquiring.

#1 Knights Lake 590 Ac
#2 Dishman Hills 160Ac
#3 Antoine Peak 240 Ac
#4 Mica Peak 920 Ac
#5 Saltese 555 Ac
#6 Williams Lake 15 Ac
#7 Peone Prairie 20 Ac
#8 Indian Bluff 204 Ac
#9 Beacon Hill 30 Ac
#10 Beacon Hill 30 Ac

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