Cole’s Bakery & Café Freeze-dried Meals 

By Alana Livingston

Cover photo courtesy of Alana Livingston

If you have tried a freeze-dried meal on any of your outdoor adventures, you would probably describe it as . . . meh. Although convenient, freeze-dried meals tend to be expensive, lacking flavor and are generally small portions. Add the challenge of any food intolerances or allergies, and you could literally be up a creek. But there is a new tasty, locally-made alternative.  

Cole’s Bakery & Café in north Spokane has been successful in serving delicious and nutritious meals suitable for just about any diet you can imagine in their restaurant since 2013. Deciding to add freeze-dried meals to their repertoire, they have stopped at nothing to ensure the same quality and goodness goes into each meal.  

Photo Courtesy Alana Livingston

Offering everything from breakfast classics like Peaches & Cream Oats and Corned Beef Hash to hearty dinner staples such as Chicken Teriyaki and Bulgogi Bowls, Cole’s freeze-dried meals are packed with flavor and adhere to their commitment of preservative-free nutritious meals, made in-house that are always 100% gluten and peanut free. Available in both individual and family-sized portions (4 servings), these meals require only the addition of hot water for a satisfying meal.  

Echoing the café’s ideology for accommodating diverse dietary needs within a shared dining experience, their freeze-dried offerings cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions without compromising on taste or portion size. Facilitating a shared meal among families with differing dietary requirements is not only a convenience, but a profound gesture of inclusivity. Making it easy to pack on a trail is a miracle. In addition to savory offerings, Cole’s Bakery & Café extends its freeze-dried line to include desserts, candy, produce and more.  

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