Climbing Rigging at Cirque Du Soleil


Through some unusual connections at work and even more unusual
circumstances by email, I landed an opportunity to meet with the head
of the rigging department for the Cirque Du Soleil Show – Corteo.
They’re currently based in Portland, and I happened to be visiting
friends in nearby Vancouver, so he agreed to take me on a backstage

First off, I should confess, I thought I had a fairly good
understanding of rigging for climbing and mountaineering, and I’ve
been exposed to several search-and-rescue clinics and seminars.
Complex rope work and sound anchors are a critical component for
multi-pitch climbing and difficult mountaineering objectives. But then
I learned the ‘Hollywood’ form of rigging, and I was bowled over.
There’s another world on the stage, and another world above that one
on the catwalk over the stage.

The Corteo show by Cirque Du Soleil is headed over to Seattle next
month – April 24th to May 25th – and it’s definitely worth it. Find
out more info here:

-Jon Jonckers

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