Cantwell Visits Mountain Gear


It didn’t get covered much locally but Senator Cantwell visited Mountain Gear last Tuesday for a joint press conference lauding Mountain Gear’s LEED Gold Award and also calling on congress to renew the renewable energy tax credits set to expire this year. It was well attended and Eco Depot’s Bruce Gage and former Spokane Valley Mayor Diana Wilhite also spoke. MG has only the 4 commercial building in the COUNTRY to be certified LEED Gold by the latest LEED standards. You can read the short piece we have about it in the new issue here.

Mountain Gear was host to U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell on February 19th. Senator Cantwell and Mountain Gear President Paul Fish held a joint press conference at the company’s Spokane Valley headquarters to announce the building’s LEED Gold certification and promote renewing legislation that provides incentives for companies investing in renewable energy technology. The incentives are set to expire at the end of 2008. “We are here because congress needs to hurry and pass this legislation,” said Cantwell.” Cantwell praised Mountain Gear for having the first privately owned LEED building in the region and added, “Green Jobs are the future of our economy.” Fish asserted that the LEED remodel of the Mountain Gear headquarters “didn’t cost more than a regualr remodel.”

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