Camp Responsibly in the Backcountry

Practice Leave No Trace

All the things you bring to your campsite or the backcountry should be taken out with you: trash, cans and other recyclables, extra wood, food, food scraps and fuel canisters. Be a good person, and pick up any trash in your camp that others may have left.

Keep a Clean Camp

Pack trash and recycling bags (5 gallon buckets make great trash and recycle bins when lined with bags), and bring reusable water bottles, utensils, plates, towels, etc. to reduce waste and litter. Camp near a toilet facility to reduce human waste in natural areas, and never, ever leave toilet paper and other human waste on the ground out in the woods – use a toilet or bury it!

Keep Wildlife Wild

Wild animals only stay wild when they rely on natural food sources and have a healthy fear of humans. Feeding and approaching animals isn’t good for them, nor is it safe for you. Don’t inadvertently feed animals by leaving food out where they can get to it. Especially if you are camping in bear country, never leave food outside or in your tent or expect unwanted nighttime visitors.


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