California Cowboy High Sierra Shirt

Derrick Knowles

“Meet the first and only shirt ever designed specially to enhance your ability to destroy Après.” California Cowboy’s promotional verbiage is witty and spot-on representative of their style and function.

The High Sierra Shirt is a luxury flannel made of super soft cotton with a thermal lining, plus a ton of other features I had never thought I needed but totally appreciate and use—features such as a bottle opener pocket, a dry pocket that’s lined to keep phones from getting wet (from spilled beer, rainstorms, and falling in snow banks, I guess), a bottle or can beverage holder pocket, a loop on the inside of the jacket for hanging gloves, a pen pocket, and a loop for hanging sunglasses on the front of the jacket.

This deluxe, handsome flannel will be a favorite for years to come.

MSRP: $148.

California Cowboy brand High Sierra shirt in daffy plaid.

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