Building Jumping

Justin Bennee jumps off the roof of Merlyn’s. // Photo John Waite

The snow has melted fast enough that you could be forgiven for forgetting that just a few days ago someone could jump their snowboard off a downtown building without killing themselves. John Waite sent us this reprt:

Nike Snowboarder commercial filmed at Merlyn’s – We were lucky enough to have Nike film an advertising shot at our Store last week. This is for a new Nike brand of Snowboards. Nike snowboarder Justin Bennee jumped off the roof of Merlyn’s, across the alley, over the fence, and landed in the parking lot opposite us. This was all filmed from a “black helicopter” hovering above. John Waite, the owner of Merlyn’s hopefully will be in the official ad. You can see my pictures from the filming, or my video from the event at –

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