Bike To Work Commute Challenge Results Announced

Rings and Things GIRLS–a commute challenge winner. Photo courtesy of Rings and Things.

Just got this email from Spokane Bike to Work:

Dear Team Captains/Participants,

Well, the data crunching sure took a while! We know the registration update process gave some people problems, although judging by the number of people who had plenty of info in their data fields it worked for the vast majority of you (thank heavens!).

We had hoped to get word out sooner and to hear from team captains about shirt sizes so we could make shirts available to top teams at the July 11 Summer Parkways.

That isn’t going to work, and we apologize–not enough advance notice from us to you about which teams will receive shirts so you know to come looking for us, and not enough emails from team captains giving us shirt sizes so we could get them bagged up in advance.

(Many thanks to those of you who DID send sizes! But that was only about 4 captains out of 70)


We are awarding shirts to the team in each category (by size/type of organization) that had the highest percentage of new bike commuters on the team, and to the teams that had the highest overall/all categories uses.

The green highlighter we’re using to flag those teams may not make it through this email system, so here’s the short list (detail below). If you are the captain of one of these teams, send me an email with shirt sizes for all team members!

· 92 MDG

· EWU Physical Therapy Department

· F5 Fausto Coppis

· Ferris Wheels

· globalpd

· Rehab Rollers

· Rings & Things GIRLS

· Team Advantage IQ

· Team CME

· U District “Try” Cycle

· Uber-Speed Kommuter Heroes

· VeloH20

· Violet Bikers

How you get your shirts: We will prepare a bag with your shirt sizes that will be available for pick-up at the Riverpoint Campus, Academic Center, Suite 525A.

We may make arrangements to have the bags at the August 22 Summer Parkways event but would much rather you get the shirts soon so you can wear them with pride!

2010 Bike to Work Spokane Commute Challenge Bikingest Teams

Team Results by Organization Type/Size

Results reported are within category except for those noted as overall. Teams with only one member not included; results for top individuals reported separately.

Team results calculated for BTW Week May 16-22 and for all four weeks of the Commute Challenge, May 16-June 12.

What makes your team a winner:

· Getting new wheels on the road: Highest percentage of new bike commuters on the team
· Creating a new habit: Using your bike more times for more reasons. Which team biked the most days for all purposes—work and other transportation?
· Keeping vehicle miles off the road: Highest average mileage per team member

Businesses with 1-9 employees:

· Uber Speedy Kommuter Heroes (USKH): #1 percentage of new cyclist team members
· Roast House: #1 in use BTW Week; #1 in use all four weeks
· globalpd (Global Product Development): #1 in miles/member BTW Week; #1 in miles/member all four weeks; #1 in miles/member overall

Businesses with 10-49 employees:

· U District “Try” Cycle (University District Physical Therapy): #1 percentage new cyclist team members
· United Airlines: #1 use BTW Week & all four weeks
· SprayCool Sprockets: #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· Other teams this category: OTTO & Boomer & Bikes (Spokane Indians Baseball & Spokane Chiefs Hockey Teams); Black and White and Rode All Over (Inlander); Newsprint Re-Cyclers (Inlander)

Businesses with 50-99 employees:

· Rings & Things GIRLS: #1 use BTW Week; #1 % new cyclists
· Moss Adams: #1 use all four weeks
· Coffman Riders (Coffman Engineers): #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks

Businesses with 100-499 employees:

· F5 Fausto Coppis (F5 Networks): #1 % new cyclists
· Newspaper Pedalers (Cowles Publishing): #1 use BTW Week and all four weeks; #1 miles/member all four weeks
· Lee & Hayes: #1 mi/member BTW Week
· Other teams this category: Crazy Concrete Riders (CXT); Mountain Gear

Businesses with 500-999 employees:

· Team Advantage IQ: #1 use BTW Week & all four weeks; #1 % new cyclists
· Hollister Commuters: #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· Other teams this category: Inland Imaging

Businesses with 1000 or more employees:

· Team Avista Velo: #1 use BTW Week & all four weeks; #1 miles/member all four weeks
· Team Avista: #1 miles/member BTW Week
· No other teams this category; no new bike commuters on teams

Clubs & Organizations:

· Violet Bikers: #1% new cyclists; #1 uses BTW Week & all four weeks
· Humpday Riders: #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· No other teams this category

Colleges & Universities:

· EWU Physical Therapy Department: #1 % new cyclists
· Coug Chain Commuters (WSU Spokane): #1 use BTW Week
· EWU Commuters: #1 use all four weeks
· sn-w’ey’-MEN: #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· Other teams this category: Spokane Community College Arts & Sciences; WSU Spokane Cougar Commuters; Whitworth Bikes; Cycling Sasquatch; Spike’s Spokes

Faith Community:

· VeloH20 (Cool Water Bikes): #1 % new commuters, miles/member, and uses (only team this category)

K-12 Education:

· Ferris Wheels: #1 % new commuters
· School Dudes and a Gal: #1 use BTW Week & all four weeks
· Dragons (St. George’s School): #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· Other teams this category: Saxon Sprockets; Barely Beyond Banana Bikes


· Rehab Rollers (St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute): Tie for % new cyclists
· Team CME: Tie for % new cyclists; #1 use BTW Week & all four weeks; #1 use overall
· INHS: #1 miles/member BTW Week & all four weeks
· Other teams this category: INHS; Pedals2People; JVC Spokane; KPBX; INBC; Spokane County Democrats; Team Smilin’ G (Goodwill Industries); SLRI (Some Lucky Riding Individuals) (St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute)

Public Agencies & Municipalities:

· 92 MDG: #1 % new commuters
· Twirks (City of Spokane): #1 use BTW Week
· Hauling Asphalt: #1 miles/member all four weeks; #1 use all four weeks
· ANG Riders (Washington Air National Guard): #1 miles/member BTW Week
· Hauling Asphalt: #1 miles/member all four weeks; #1 use all four weeks
· Other teams this category: Cranky Bureaucrats (SRTC); FAFB-WB; SRHd (Spokane Regional Health District); Go Orange (WSDOT); Lab Animals (WSDOT); Team Design (City of Spokane); Spokane Public Library; Spokane Valley Fire

Uber-Bikers Extraordinaire: Individuals who biked more days and more miles

We’ll also give shirts to these folks who really put their pedals to the metal!

· Most uses during BTW Week (both to/from work and other transportation): James Graeff, Rosanna Gray, Olivia Prehn, Ryan Volsen rode all 7 days both for work and for other transportation.
· Most miles during BTW Week: Greg Yedinak (Team Avista), 334. Runners-up: Kim Sherwood, 322; Shannon Campbell, 300.


Barb Chamberlain
Co-Chair, Bike to Work Spokane
Twitter: @Bike2WrkSpokane
Facebook page: Where we’ll post news and events
Facebook group: Direct discussion space between cyclists

P.S.: If you didn’t see your team name listed anywhere, you ended up with only one team member—you! It skewed the stats to compare what one person did to a group effort, so we didn’t calculate your results with the other teams. Next year you can sign up more folks and really get rolling!

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