Bike Corral at Bloomsday

For the eighteenth year, the Spokane Bicycle Club is providing a bike corral for Bloomsday participants. The Club is providing secure attended FREE bike parking for anyone who would like to bike to the start of the race. We’ll be accepting bikes at our bike corral in Riverfront Park, from 7:30 AM, until 2:00 PM. Riders are welcome to leave warmup clothes, picnic baskets, etc. with their bikes. We’ll take care of it all. Post-race, Bloomies can hop on their bikes, get the weight off their feet, and quickly pedal out of the Park.

Corral location: Central Meadow in Riverfront Park, east of the former YMCA building, and adjacent to Howard Street.

When: May 1, 7:30 AM until 2:00 PM.

We are proud of our good service and would love to have lots of customers.

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