Bike Cash for Clunkers


Starting today, two local non-profits—Union Gospel Mission and Pedals2People— and local bike shop Two Wheel Transit are working together to put unused bikes back to work for the good of the community with a Bike Cash for Clunkers program.

How it works: Two Wheel Transit will assess each bike for safety and serviceability and issue  in-store credit from $25 to $100 toward the purchase price of any 2010 Trek or Gary Fisher at the store, or in stock at Trek Bicycles. They’ll then service and transport the bikes to the two organizations.

“When you don’t have a car and need to travel several miles, a bicycle is golden,” says Union Gospel Mission development director Dave Wall. The mission provides homeless services in Spokane. Pedals2People exists promote bike use in Spokane,  including reusing and rehabilitating old bikes.

The program runs from now until February 15th. It is only available at Two Wheel Transit, located at 1405 W. 1st Avenue.

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