Big Improvements On Spokane’s Centennial Trail

Spokane, Wash.

Several significant improvements were finally wrapped up on the Spokane County Centennial Trail in October 2021.

For starters, the Carlson Road trailhead near the north end of the trail included a re-route of the trail that takes it off of the road, down a hill, and directly into Sontag Community Park. This trail addition makes it much safer now to cross Charles Road and eliminates pedestrian traffic on the narrow, steep section of road right next to Nine Mile Falls Dam.

While that project was wrapping up, so was the renovation on the Boone-to-Pettet segment closer to downtown Spokane. This portion of failed and crumbling sidewalk received a major upgrade including safe separation from the road, better curb accessibility, and new landscaping. Underground utilities were also upgraded throughout the project, which was a major benefit for the entire neighborhood.

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director for the Friends of the Centennial Trail, says, “Our Board of Directors and State Parks toured the span for our September meeting, and we were thrilled with the transformation. We challenged the City of Spokane to treat this span like High Drive’s renovation years back. They have exceeded our expectations with this project!”

Looking ahead, the Post Street Bridge renovation downtown is running smoothly. When it’s completed, it will provide a much-needed connection between Riverfront Park and Kendall Yards.

Spokane County’s beloved Centennial Trail is popular with runners, walkers, and cyclists. Photos: (top row, bottom left) Local athletes enjoy the Centennial Trail. // Photos: Jon Jonckers // (bottom middle, right) Nine Mile Falls Dam and Riverside State Park near Charles Road trailhead. // Photos: Derrick Knowles

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