Bicycle Bill Update from Olympia

I know I’m running the risk putting readers on legislative overload, but it’s hard to think of a time when more outdoor related initiatives have been moving through the WA state legislature. Here’s an update on bill the Bicycle Alliance of Washington has been working on:

Legislative Update:
Bills Are Moving Forward

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington continues to make progress in Olympia. Thanks to your help, most of our legislation is still moving forward.

Safety for All
Two of our three Safety for All bills are still alive in the legislature. HB 1403 (traffic signal detection) and HB 1491 (3 foot minimum passing) were voted out of the House Transportation Committee. They are currently in the House Rules Committee awaiting floor action.

Safe Routes to School
This bill had a hearing in the House Transportation Committee on Transportation Advocacy Day. Many of you who were at TAD attended the hearing and signed in to support the bill. BAW board member Liz McNett Crowl was one of four who gave public testimony in favor of HB 1793. The bill was voted out of the Transportation Committee and now awaits action in the Rules Committee.

Be sure to check our website for more details on these bills and other bills that we are following. And again, a major thank you to all who contacted their legislators and/or met with them at TAD in support of our legislation!

BAW Looking Forward to Next Legislative Session

Now, regarding the future! Each spring, the Bicycle Alliance Legislative Committee holds a meeting to discuss possible legislative initiatives for the upcoming year. If you ever thought “There ought to be a law!”, or just have some ideas to improve bicycling, the Committee would love to hear your thoughts. We’ll make another call for your input in a month or two, but in the time being, please start to think about State-wide legislative things you would like to see changed or improved.

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