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Below is a letter from the Cascade Bicycle Club, who is contracted with the Washington DOT to do statewide counts of bicyclists and pedestrians. They need volunteers in Spokane for conducting the counts. The five cities who ffer the most volunteers will be rewarded with bicycling workshops. Check it out and volunteer!

Do you want to help create a better community for bicycling in Spokane? Join advocates from your area and guests from the Cascade Bicycle Club to count bicyclists and for a series of workshops on effective advocacy.

Help Make Bicyling Count

Last fall, Cascade was contracted by the Washington State DOT to conduct the first statewide counts of bicyclists in pedestrians. The report is here.  A big thank you to the more than 150 volunteers who worked hard on this project!

This year’s bicycle and pedestrian counts will be held from Sept. 29-October 1.  We can only conduct counts if enough people sign up in your area.  To sign up for an easy volunteer shift, click here. If you can help coordinate the project and recruit more volunteers in your area,  email us.

Advocacy Workshops Coming Your Way

Cascade will travel to five cities throughout the state this fall to meet with local bicyclists.  We will work together with local advocates to build capacity within the state’s thriving bicycle movement. Workshops may include:

– Effective Earned Media and Letter to the Editor Campaigns
– Bicycle Master Plans, Complete Streets and Universal Design
-Crunching the Numbers: Using Counts and Crash Data to Improve Conditions for Bicycling
-Working With Elected Officials… and Holding Them Accountable
-Winning Local Campaigns for Bicyclists

We will travel to the five cities around the state with the most signups.  Do you want to see better bicycling in your city?

*Bring an advocacy workshop to your area

*Sign up to help with this year’s bicycle and pedestrian counts

Thank you for all you do to advocate for bicycling.

Advocacy Director
Cascade Bicycle Club

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