Be a Good Guest in Leavenworth

Especially in the era of COVID-19, stewardship applies to town as much as it does to trails. Leavenworth has made physical distancing easier by closing the main street on weekends to allow for pedestrian traffic only. Parking is still available at all city lots and on side streets. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the downtown and Leavenworth ambassadors, the Royal Bavarians, are handing out masks and hand wipes as well as maps of the businesses in town.  

Jessica Stoller with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce is optimistic that visitors will be mindful of social distancing practices while enjoying both the town and recreation. “We know that things are a little different from what we are all used to; we also know it takes a little more patience to adjust to these new protocols. Just know that we are working hard to be fully open and provide a great experience for all those visiting.” She explains that shops are open and restaurants can accommodate both dine-in and take-out experiences.   

“We are still the same beautiful, friendly town that will be smiling at you when you visit; we’ll just be smiling from behind a mask for now,” says Stroller. 

pedestrians walking the car-free streets of downtown Leavenworth
Leavenworth’s pedestrian-only downtown streets on weekends. // Photo courtesy: Icicle TV.

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