Backcountry Booty: Riverside State Park

Play the OTM Backcountry Booty scavenger hunt contest and you get to explore different trails around the region and possibly win gift certificates for cool outdoor gear and other prizes from local businesses like Mountain Gear, River City Brewing and others. Here’s how it works:
1. We hide a booty certificate, that’s good for whatever prizes are up for grabs, along a trail somewhere in a park or recreation area in the greater Spokane area.
2. We name the general location and offer up a few clues and photos on Facebook and the Out There Monthly website. Check the contest page at to review all the clues for the current booty.
3. We keep giving out clues on Facebook until someone finds the booty and wins!
4. Winners post a victory photo on OTM’s Facebook page to confirm that it’s been found.

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Current Contest Clues

Backcountry booty prize: You’ll be hunting for a $50 gift card from River City Brewing downtown Spokane. What a great Father’s Day present!

The $50 River City Brewing gift card Booty was found June 24, 2015!


Backcountry booty clue #5: We checked to make sure the booty was still there this past Sunday (the 21st) and it is. If you’re following past clue photos, note that the cairn in clue #1 is no longer there and the log across the trail in clue #2 has been cut. The trail and forest still look the same so those clues are still valuable. If you made it that far and find the spot pictured in clue #4, you’re just a stones throw away from the $50 River City Brewing gift card voucher. Here’s what the actual booty looks like (photo #1) and where it’s at from the trail (photo #2). Good luck!

2015-06-13 19.10.03crop_FB


2015-06-13 19.13.39_FB

Backcountry booty clue #4: Wow, you’re so close.

2015-06-13 19.11.13


Backcountry booty clue #3: So you parked at the Bowl & Pitcher, crossed the bridge and hiked until you found a place that looks a lot like the photo that came along with clue #2. What now? That $50 River City Brewing gift card is waiting for you, just a little bit farther down the trail. If you find this spot, you’re getting pretty dang close.

2015-06-13 19.12.13

Backcountry booty clue #2: If the last clue didn’t give it away, your starting point for hunting for the $50 River City Brewing gift card is the Bowl & Pitcher trailhead. Check out the photo below. You’re headed in the right direction.

2015-06-13 19.23.09

Backcountry booty clue #1: The booty is hidden in Riverside State Park. You can’t see it from the trail, but take ten or so steps off trail and you can if you look hard enough. It’s hidden in an open, dry area, so please don’t bushwhack and trample native plants. You won’t have to step on anything more sensitive than dead pine needles and branches to find it. Riverside is a 14,000 park, so where to start? You can hear rapids from the popular Riverside State Park trailhead that’s closest to where it’s hidden (hanging in a tree). Here is your first photo clue. Find this cairn and you’re headed in the right direction.

2015-06-13 18.50.24


And here’s what you’re looking for. Now go find it!

2015-06-13 19.10.03crop

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