Backcountry Booty: 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort Season Pass (Hidden: 4.9.16; Found: 4.29.16)

This booty has been found! Congratulations to the winner.

Nice work Luke!
Nice work Luke!

Play the OTM Backcountry Booty treasure hunt contest and you get to explore different trails around the region and possibly win gift certificates for cool outdoor gear and other prizes. Here’s how it works:
1. We hide a booty certificate, that’s good for whatever prizes are up for grabs, along a trail somewhere in a park or recreation area in the greater Spokane area.
2. We name the general location and offer up a few clues and photos on Facebook and the Out There Monthly website (scroll down on this page for the clues and pics). Check the contest page at to review all the clues for the current booty.
3. We keep giving out clues on Facebook until someone finds the booty and wins!
4. Winners post a victory photo on Out There Monthly’s Facebook page to confirm that it’s been found, and then we let them know where to pick up the prize(s)!

 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort Backcountry Booty Prize (4.9.16)

The ski season may be nearly over for most of us, but if you find this Backcountry Booty, you will be skiing or snowboarding all next season for free! In celebration of their annual season pass sale which ends May 5, 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort north of Spokane is offering up a 2016/2017 season pass to the lucky person who finds this booty. With an $800 value, this awesome prize is the most epic Backcountry Booty prize ever! Scroll down for the clues and start searching for that season pass!

Thank You to Our Contest Sponsor!


This Booty Has Been Found!

Backcountry Booty clue #6:  If you find this spot along the trail, you are close. Look high, look low, look everywhere!

2016-04-08 18.11.21web

Backcountry Booty clue #5: Another trail surface clue to get you on the right path.

2016-04-08 18.11.04web

Backcountry Booty clue #4: This is a pretty good clue. You’re on the right path.

2016-04-08 18.14.04-web

Backcountry Booty clue #3: Look familiar? You’re getting somewhere now, but you still have some walking to do.

2016-04-08 18.26.06web

2016-04-08 18.27.55web

Backcountry Booty clue #2: Find this spot and you are headed in the right direction from the trailhead, but still have a ways to go!

A couple more trail junctions and you may be getting close to finding that 49 Degrees North Season Pass!
A couple more trail junctions and you may be getting close to finding that 49 Degrees North Season Pass!

Backcountry Booty clue #1: Riverside State Park is a big place, so here are a few clues to get you started in the general area where this 49 Degrees North season pass booty is hidden. If you can figure out what part of the park these photos are from, you will know the best place to park and start looking. That will give you a head start, but you will still have a ways to hike, bike or run to have a chance of stumbling upon the booty. Good luck and check back for more clues soon!

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Here's what you are searching for
Here’s what you are searching for

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