At Silverstar, Progression Comes from the Heart

Sponsored by Silverstar Mountain Resort.

Anyone who has found themselves floating through our fine BC-interior powder, whooping it up with their kids on our playful terrain, racking up laps on our backside glades, chasing a friend down our double black chutes or railing super smooth berms in our bike park knows that progression is fueled by more than learning. It comes from inside, an inextinguishable fire in our hearts.

Progression is what attracts us here in our youth and keeps us here, young-at-heart, for a lifetime. It is the great, ageless desire to keep discovering new terrain, keep challenging our skills, keep fueling our love for our sport . . . season, upon season, upon season. And while this place serves up the goods to make progression a lifelong pursuit, it is our tight-knit community that stokes the fire.

This eclectic collection of passionate people bring heart and core together: long-time locals, new-to-Canada staff, and guests from both down the road and halfway around the world. All of them gather here in our spirited ski-in ski-out village with the same goal: to be in a place they love with people who love the same things. We share the fire inside and respect anyone who wants to see where the mountain can take them. Everyone is welcome, but we’re here for the heart core.

Welcome to SilverStar Mountain Resort.

Cover photo courtesy Silverstar Mountain Resort.

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