Aperitif: Trail Food for Your Dog

Do you hike, mountain bike, or run trails with your pup? If so, trail nutrition means more to you than an energy bar, gorp, and a hydration pack. It also means taking care of your furry friend’s sustenance. This is no walk in the park.

First, depending on the distance of your trek and whether your dog is on or off leash, you must increase its caloric intake. If you go simple with kibble, choose a high quality, high-energy formula. Then squeeze half a pack of Justin’s peanut butter on top for a boost.

Second, if going the distance, the long distance, pack light and nutrient dense. Freeze dried foods are one easy option, but can affect your pup’s teeth over time. Doggie meal replacement bars, like TurboPup and RUFF BAR, are light, space saving and nutrient dense. You can also make your own (check out Mother Earth News’ Meal Replacement Bars Recipe), or bring foods that double as human and canine snacks. “Human” foods like sugar-free jerky, oatmeal peanut butter balls, apples, and cheese are all good for both you and your furry friend. Toss thinly-sliced carrots with some minced ginger and coconut oil, bake at 350 degrees until crisp, and enjoy this delicious lightweight treat with your dog.

Finally, if you are a consistent hiker or run trails with your dog more than once a week, invest in a collapsible doggie bowl and consider adding a suitable doggie multivitamin to his or her diet. Just be sure to peruse the ingredients first and choose one without a lot of fillers and definitely no added sugar. Here’s to keeping our friends happy and healthy. //

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