A Good Time to Take the Trail to Idaho


The view of Lake C’dA as seen from Tubbs Hill at 8AM, Friday 3/14. // Photo By jon Snyder

The Centennial Trail is now snow-free to Coeur d’Alene—except for a short patch at the rest stop right before the Northwest Blvd. exit! Why not get out your bike and go?

I did Thursday and Friday and had a great time. I learned a few things on the trail:

• If you want to do an overnight ride to C’dA and stay in a motel now is the time. I got a room at the Budget Saver on Sherman for $37.50! (High season rate $89!)

• Very few people on the trail on weekday in March. I found out why when I was caught in a wicked sideways hailstorm out by Barker Road on the way home.

• If you see a dark shape that looks like a moose in the river it might actually be a guy in waders fly fishing.

• The Post Falls Outlet Mall is on it’s last legs.

• The Centennial Trail takes tricky twists and turns in Post Falls. Watch the sign hardcore and make sure to cross Seltice Way at Highway 41 in order to pick up the stretch of trail that runs next to I-90.

• Mt. View Cyclery’s Post Falls store is right on trail off of Spokane St. Great for picking up trip supplies.

• If you are feeling hungry going west past State Line you can take a Liberty Lake City Trail on the south bank of the river and ride into LL for some eats.

• Power Grips are real cool alternative to clip-in pedals for longer trips.

• C’dA is pretty good city to ride a bike in but I only saw one other bike on the street the two days I was there.

• Takara Japanese restaurant on Lakeside has a great cold sake selection served in the square wood cups.

• Some bozos destroyed the drinking fountain on the trail in Mission Park.

This quick trip was a blast. Next up; Reardan? Davenport?

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