30 Triathlons In 30 Days

FOR MOST, COMPLETING A TRIATHLON is a personal achievement; but for KXLY4 News Anchor Dave Erickson, it’s a chance to give back to his community.

September 1 through 30 Erickson will perform 30 triathlons in 30 consecutive days. The fundraiser hopes to raise $30,000 for the Inland Northwest’s Cancer Patient Care, a non-profit agency that provides support to regional cancer patients and families with limited resources.

Erickson said he’s always wanted to participate in this type of fundraiser. Ironically, he became serious about the idea after completing his thirtieth triathlon and first Ironman Competition. “I wanted to participate in something for a bigger cause,” he said. “I really looked inside myself and thought what can I attach myself to within my community?”

Overtime, Erickson found the inspiration he was looking for with The Lance Armstrong Foundation, an organization that established a partnership in the early 2000s with Cancer Patient Care. In time, Erickson’s “30 in 30” fundraiser came to life.

Erickson first became interested in triathlons when an Arkansas-gym flyer caught his eye. He wanted to try something new besides just working out, and “once I got started, I just got hooked,” he said.

His latest challenge will focus on triathlon sprints. These sprints are one of four triathlon classifications; sprints requiring the shortest distances. Erickson will exercise in a pool, on a stationary bike and on a treadmill or indoor track at the North side Oz Fitness.

But don’t think he’s left all the work up to himself. Erickson challenges the public to join his efforts by committing to 30 minutes of exercise a day for 30 days. “This challenge is for myself,” he said. “But the event is even greater because it puts the challenge out to other people.”

Erickson hopes to make the fundraiser an annual event with continuous challenges during months with 30 days. Ultimately, he “wants to make this event bigger and bigger to get more people involved with health and fitness.”
For more information about Cancer Patient Care including a pledge and donation page, visit www.cancerpatientcare.org. To follow along with Erickson or to read about exercise and nutritional tips, visit his KXLY blog at www.kxly.com.

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